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As you know access to the reports section on this forum is restricted.

We wish to avoid information about members' cherished spots spreading uncontrollably by word of mouth or through the internet. This can lead to the locations and fishing being harmed, either just by huge numbers of new visitors or a small number who don't know how to behave.

The Moderators ask that you both post responsibly and use what you read responsibly.

Obviously there is little problem in identifying extremely well-known places like Loch Leven, Loch Lomond, or the really big rivers. Nor is there a problem talking about hill lochs or burns where you had a great time catching 6-inch wild trout.

But when a water is little-known to anglers but of high angling quality or environmentally sensitive there is a clear threat.

When Posting a Report

Think about how well-known the water is and how sensitive it might be to sudden publicity.

Word that a water holds exceptionally large wild trout is likely to attract a great deal of attention from irresponsible trophy-hunters or guides. Repeated or even solitary reports about exceptionally large fish can be very harmful, so if you catch a whopper anywhere other than on well-known waters please post pictures and the story without revealing the location.

When Reading a Report

If another member has chosen to share details of a favourite spot please do them the courtesy of not passing this on randomly. Respect other members and the waters themselves.

If members have posted without revealing a location and you PM them asking them to fill in the blanks for you, and they refuse, don't keep pestering them as this will lead to a removal of privileges to the reports section. Members should feel under no pressure to reveal anything at all and anyone being pestered in this way is encouraged  to contact a moderator immediately.

Think before passing on information from here to someone else, or taking a friend to fish on a water you read about in a report. If you decide your acquaintance can be trusted then repeat this message so that they too can take care of the place.

Under no circumstances reveal details of lesser-known waters you learn here on any other internet forum. Forum membership is terminated immediately instances come to light. Sadly this action has already had to be taken  on one or two isolated occasions.

This site is not commercial and information is given by members to help each other enjoy their angling and not to make anyone money. So do not under any circumstances take information from this restricted area of the site to use for commercial gain. This means  ALL aspects of commercialism  including guiding for profit or selling anything to anyone.

If you have any doubts please check with the admin or moderators before posting a report.

Dead Fish

The ethos of the forum has always been catch and release. We realise that members take the odd fish for the pot for friends, relatives and family and there isn't an issue with that but could we ask you not to include pictures of fish  that won't be released.

The Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts without notice.

It's your experiences that are important not grid references, so let's balance the use and enjoyment we all get from reading these reports on this very unique internet community of ours with avoiding harm to the special places we all cherish.   Any photographs that identify locations may  be removed without notice.
On the hills you find yourself near grand and beautiful things and as you grow older you will love them more and more  -  Seton Gordon

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