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Author Topic: Please Read This First - information for potential members  (Read 1714 times)

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Please Read This First - information for potential members
« on: December 21, 2011, 12:42:02 PM »
The Wild Fishing Forum is a community of like-minded friends rather  than just  another fishing forum. Itís pretty special to us for a number of reasons.

Itís not a commercial site, so itís not driven by numbers. It is a well attended and busy site, but still, numbers donít matter.

The forum has 100s of active members, a vast archive going back over 12 years  with an emphasis on content, not bells, whistles and regular make-overs. The Wild Fishing Forum has its imitators, but it is the only credible Scottish based wild fishing site. Nothing else comes close.

Our membership includes every level of skill and experience from complete beginner to expert. We have some of the best anglers in the world as well as complete novices. We go way beyond just fishing.

You wonít find any agro, nastiness, bullying, trolls, posting of personal insults, backstabbing, racism, bigotry etc etc  here, itís   not tolerated. Itís a friendly place where we respect each others' views even if we donít agree with them. 

We donít do stockies.  We donít  pretend tame is wild;  that's for others. We are a wild fishing community; we donít much care about species as long as itís wild.

We donít do  fishing competitions or ego massages.  If you are a competitive angler this is most certainly not the best forum for you. One or two have tried it and just did not fit in. If you are a UK based  fishing  "guide"  or someone who sells articles to magazines trolling the 'net for information  you are not welcome, so don't even think about registering here.

New members are required to make at least one post in their personal welcome topic before they can view the other forums. If a moniker has been used to register members are required to give their real name and all members  must state where they live.  Access is manually controlled and is granted by admin only after these conditions have been met. Please be patient as this may not be instantaneous.  Until the account is fully activated use of the forum is very limited.

Please do not join the forum just  to promote your own web site, blog or products.

We  regularly arrange forum outings, some large, some small, some are the stuff of legend; all are great fun. They  help forge friendships between individuals who, in all likelihood,  would never have otherwise met.

Itís fair to say this does not please everybody and itís also fair to say membership of this community might not suit everyone. Much of the forum is arranged on a restricted access basis. Non-members canít see much and new members donít get access to areas such as the fishing  reports until they have regularly contributed in a useful way.

Itís a friendly community and we do anything that is necessary to keep it that way. To get more of a feel for it watch the video posted below then read the Forum Registration Agreement : . If you are happy with what you see and read we would be delighted to have you as a member.

Looking  forward to seeing  you!

On the hills you find yourself near grand and beautiful things and as you grow older you will love them more and more  -  Seton Gordon

The Wild Fishing Forum

Please Read This First - information for potential members
« on: December 21, 2011, 12:42:02 PM »