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wfllogosmallHigh quality, no hype, sensibly priced fly lines. Made in the UK, proven world-wide. For people who love fishing. Click . Wild Fishing Scotland, established November 2003. 

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    the wildfisher is an online magazine mainly about fishing in

    wild places, but we are open minded and not shackled to

    just fishing. We try to provide an antidote to the predictable

    be that commercial fisheries or formulaic mainstream angling


    We also try to provide a platform for all kinds of writers;
    already established or new; those looking for a place to
    say what they want to say without worrying about the
    commercial considerations that determine what is printed
    in glossy fishing magazines.

    Publishing in the wildfisher is a great way to help you
    become established as an angling writer.

    The best and relevant content by the very best authors on
    the old Fish Wild! site has been migrated to the wildfisher.
    All links to that site have been diverted to here. So if you are
    wondering how you ended up here that might be it!
    The articles you are looking for are now here.

    There are indeed hundreds of articles in the wildfisher
    written by real people about real fishing. Enjoy!

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    Our aim is to publish work by new as well as established
    writers. Remember even the well known, established
    names were new at one time!

    Get your name out there.

    Contributions do not have to be huge; articles of all sizes are
    welcome. Unlike commercial magazines, desperate to attract
    advertisers, we are happy if writers use generalities and are
    not specific about locations. Above all confidentiality is
    respected; we don't want your favourite fishing hole turned
    into a destination.

    If you would like to be a writer please get in touch using the
    Contact Us button on the top menu bar. We look forward to
    hearing from you, all contributions welcome.

  • Forum Tab

    The Wild Fishing Forum is a community of like-minded
    friends rather than just another fishing forum.

    It’s not a commercial site, so it’s not driven by numbers. It is a
    well attended and very busy site, but still, numbers don’t

    You won’t find any agro, nastiness, bullying, trolls, posting of
    personal insults, backstabbing, racism, bigotry etc etc, it’s not
    tolerated. It’s a friendly place where members respect each
    other's views even if we don’t agree with them.

    Our registration process has been designed to keep it that way.

    Our membership represent every level of fishing skill from
    beginner to expert. Advice is freely given without sarcasm or
    elitism whilst confidentiality is paramount.

    Click here to visit and join.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

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Rather than pretend this is a paper magazine and have gimmicky stuff like turning pages etc, we have used the most up to date web technologies to make the content as accessible as possible. If you look at the Contents menu above left you'll see various options for viewing articles.

You can choose from:

– thumbnails (by date) : This is a “blog style” display where articles are displayed 5 per page, newest article first with a small picture, a few lines of text and a “Read More” button. This gives you a small preview of the article.

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– index (by date) : This is an index of all articles, sorted by date, newest article first. Just click on the one you want to read.

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Who are we?

We are a community of individuals who love wild places.

We walk, we climb, we fish.

You will find us far from roads.

We travel the world and we stay at home.

We cover every level of experience from absolute beginner to expert.

We have no time for competitiveness or egos, but we welcome decent and responsible people with open arms.

We are the wildfishers.

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